External Sample Projects

Here are some external sample projects created by Akka's users.

Bank application

Showcasing Transactors and STM.

Ant simulation 1

Traveling salesman problem. Inspired by Clojure's Ant demo. Uses SPDE for GUI. Idiomatic Scala/Akka code.
Good example on how to use Actors and STM

Ant simulation 2

Traveling salesman problem. Close to straight port by Clojure's Ant demo. Uses Swing for GUI.
Another nice example on how to use Actors and STM

Akka Web (REST/Comet) template project

A sbt-based, scala Akka project that sets up a web project with REST and comet support

Various samples on how to use Akka

From the May Chciago-Area Scala Enthusiasts Meeting

Akka REST, Jetty, SBT template project

Great starting point for building an Akka application.

Samples of various Akka features (in Scala)
Fork at

A sample sbt setup for running the akka-sample-chat

Akka Benchmark project

Benches Akka against various other actors and concurrency tools

Active Object (Java API) sample project

Akka PI calculation sample project

Port of Jersey (JAX-RS) samples to Akka

Family web page build with Scala, Lift, Akka, Redis, and Facebook Connect
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