Projects Using Akka


Flowdock delivers Google Wave for the corporate world.

"Flowdock makes working together a breeze. Organize the flow of information, task things over and work together towards common goals seamlessly on the web - in real time."

Thatcham Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre

Thatcham is a EuroNCAP member. They research efficient, safe, cost effective repair of vehicles, and work with manufacturers to influence the design of new vehicles

Thatcham are using Akka as the implementation for their distributed modules. All Scala based research software now talks to an Akka based publishing platform. Using Akka enables Thatcham to 'free their domain', and ensures that the platform is cloud enabled and scalable, and that the team is confident that they are flexible.

Akka has been in use, tested under load at Thatcham for almost a year, with no problems migrating up through the different versions.

An old website currently under redesign on a new Scala powered platform:

TODO: more info


"Narrator is a a library which can be used to create story driven clustered load-testing packages through a very readable and understandable api."


"Kandash is a lightweight kanban web-based board and set of analytics tools."

Wicket Cassandra Datastore

This project provides an org.apache.wicket.pageStore.IDataStore implementation that writes pages to an Apache Cassandra cluster using Akka.
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